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Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze services offered in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

The demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments has increased dramatically in the past few years. Today, we demand effective treatments that deliver excellent clinical results and that are comfortable and safe. Venus Concept Freeze® is a revolutionary technology that offers non-invasive skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and circumferential fat reduction. Venus Freeze® treatments have grown quickly in popularity even drawing the attention of America’s Next Top Model where it will be featured next season.

What is Venus Freeze®?

Freeze is the ability to Freeze time! Venus Freeze® harnesses the remarkable power of multi-polar radio frequency (RF) combined with pulsed magnetic fields to create what is known as MP². This unique combination has the ability to penetrate deeply, quickly comfortably, and safely into the skin achieving optimum results. Patients can just relax during the treatment feeling only a warm comfortable sensation.

The procedure is pain-free and does not require any cooling agents or numbing cream. It’s also faster than other comparable treatments. Treatments can be done over lunchtime and can be faster than waiting in the grocery store lineup after work! Venus Freeze® is FDA-approved for facial wrinkles and rhytides and Health Canada-approved for the temporary reduction of cellulite and skin tightening.

Venus Freeze® is currently sold in over 40 countries and has been widely accepted as the new standard of pain-free treatments that consistently deliver results making Venus Freeze® the product of choice for hundreds of Physicians worldwide.

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