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Botox services offered in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY


Botox® is an incredibly popular injectable treatment that temporarily turns back the hands of time. Residents of the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, rely on Eyal Levit, MD, and the team at Levit Dermatology for top-quality Botox treatment. Booking a visit takes moments, whether you connect via email or by phone.

What is Botox®?

This FDA-approved medication has been used by Dr. Levit since 1999 for smoothing out wrinkles and reducing excessive sweating in both men & women. Botox® can improve the appearance of lines on the forehead, glabella (frown lines), around the eyes (smile lines), around the mouth, chin, and nose. Dr. Levit has also used Botox® to reshape the eyebrows, giving a more youthful and open appearance to the eyes. The misconception that Botox® can give a person an expressionless appearance stems from past treatments that centered on the elimination of all mimetic (movement) wrinkles. 


Dr. Levit uses Botox® from the only FDA-approved manufacturer: Allergan. It is diluted according to the parameters recommended by the leading world experts in Botox® injections. Some of the side effects reported around the country stemmed from untrained people and/or people using cheap, non-FDA-approved Botox®.


Botox® lasts for 3 months after the 1st injection and then 4 months thereafter. Patients may occasionally report it lasting 6 months, (the patients simply see the wrinkles return in 6 months but the Botox® effect has disappeared a few months earlier). One of the reasons some patients report the Botox® did not last the expected 3-4 months is that it may have been too dilute (more water added into the bottle) or not fresh.


Dr. Levit is recognized by Allergen as an approved cosmetic Botox® injector. As part of his responsibilities as Director of Cosmetic & Dermatologic Surgery at Columbia University, St. Lukes’ Hospital, he also trains other physicians in the proper use of Botox® Cosmetic.


Beware of bargain prices! If it seems too good to be true: it probably IS! Dr. Levit offers reasonable prices that are lower than most in Manhattan, NJ, & Long Island because of his location.

Dr. Levit can use Botox® either to eliminate your kinetic wrinkles or to soften them at the same time preventing their worsening in a way that will give you a restful yet natural (non-” plastic”) look.

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