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PRP services offered in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, a substance that is derived from a person's own blood and contains a higher concentration of platelets than normal blood. Platelets are rich in growth factors and other bioactive substances that can stimulate tissue repair and regeneration.

PRP Treatment for Hair

Hair Regrowth: 

In the context of hair regrowth, PRP is used as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness), a common type of hair loss that is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. This has also been used in the “Vampire Lyft” & with Facial rejuvenation through microneedling.

Hair Rejuvenation:   

For the purposes of hair rejuvenation, the process was invented by a board-certified dermatologist Dr. Osborn. The procedure involves taking a small amount of the patient's blood and processing it to extract the platelet-rich plasma. The PRP is then injected into the patient's scalp in areas where hair loss has occurred.

The idea behind this treatment is that the growth factors in the PRP will stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hair and improve the thickness and quality of existing hair. While the exact mechanisms of action are not fully understood, there is some evidence to suggest that PRP can be an effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

Dr. Levit was involved in a study in the process and from the cases he personally was involved with he concluded the results are inconsistent and not always reproducible. Perhaps related to the difference in the person's blood nutrient growth factor status. Today Dr. Levit has switched to using exosomes. To learn more see the entry in exosomes.