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Eyal K Levit, MD

Dermatology in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Levit

Eyal Levit, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist at Levit Dermatology in the Manhattan Beach area of Brooklyn, New York. 

Dr. Levit completed his residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, now New York Presbyterian Hospital, in 1999. In recognition of his exceptional skill, he received additional fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Here, he studied rigorously in Mohs, laser, and dermatologic surgery. 

Following his surgical fellowship, Dr. Levit completed a two-year fellowship in cosmetic dermatology. He presented nationally and internationally through his studies on laser resurfacing, liposuction, fat injections, facelifts, blepharoplasty, acne therapy, and scar revisions. 

His last international presentation was in Spain in June of 2016, where he was a keynote speaker during the World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology. He presented his inventions in cutting-edge acne therapy and blepharoplasty and described his nonsurgical nose and facial rejuvenation techniques.

Dr. Levit is excited to welcome new and returning patients to his practice.

Dr. Eyal Levit has served for 15 years as the director of Cosmetic and dermatologic surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital, Mount Sinai medical center, and received the distinguished award for best teacher of the year award for his contribution in that field.

Dr. Levit is highly recognized as an expert in the cosmetic surgery field and was selected by the ASDS (American Society of Dermatologic Surgery) as a fellowship training center for other board-certified dermatologists who want to take an additional year to improve and learn cutting-edge techniques for cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Levit performs hundreds of skin cancer surgeries a year and brings his vast dermatologic knowledge and experience of cosmetic surgery into his patient medical and cosmetic reconstruction and vis versa, his vast suturing experience techniques to his cosmetic surgeries, helping his patients feel and look better.

Dr. Levit is the primary author and creator of the ABC rules to diagnose nail melanoma published by the JAAD in 2000.

Outside of his professional career he has also authored books for both adults and children: “A Lost Art” where he describes his experience in dermatology in an educational amusing and inspiring way to the lay public. In his most recent book “The King’s Race” his vivid imagination and life experience uses animals to help heal, inspire, and improve hope and acceptance in our stereotype-riddled society. Among his hobbies, he has written songs (both lyrics & music) performing some of them in children's charity and other regional settings.

Dr. Levit believes that medicine & surgery are like all other fields (teaching, car repair, shoe sales) they begin and end with the person providing them. Once they are qualified it is not how smart they are but how much they want to make a difference and help those seeking their assistance, this is truly what makes the difference.

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