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Unity, memory, & hope

Jul 28, 2023

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It is July 27th, 7 pm, approaching the end of the fast of the 9th of August.

To be honest, it’s the first time I’m observing this fast, and I’m happy I made it because I feel like I’m continuing a thread that connects me to the oldest living civilization. A civilization that brought hope, culture, peace, and respect to our world. A civilization that fought to end human sacrifice, championed women, orphans, and animal rights, and emphasized respect for parents and neighbors, regardless of their religion, skin color, or ideology. 

And yet, this tiny civilization has been abused, lied about, and targeted for all the good it has brought.

Today serves as a reminder of the centuries of unfair treatment, from the bloody crusades to the 1290 expulsion from England (to get hyper money, land, & cancel the loans owed to them) and the 1492 expulsion from Spain, (even after their money helped Spain subsidies the war to expel the Muslims & the loan for the expedition by Christopher Columbus). The Holocaust and the 1994 murder of 85 Jews in Argentina by the new enemy of the Jews and the world, Hezbollah, backed by the Iranian atom-seeking regime.

And yet after all the torture when we think we can’t make it, just like the fast, we are still here, and we are stronger than before.
I am honored and proud to be a part of the Jewish nation and religion. 
God bless you all. 
Am Israel  Hai.