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Imagination & Love Can Save the World!

Mar 23, 2020

Imagination & Love Can Save the World!

Fighting The Virus: Let’s follow the suggestion of one of our most brilliant scientists to solve the Covid-19 problem.

Fighting The Virus:

Let’s follow the suggestion of one of our most brilliant scientists to solve the Covid-19 problem.

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge, since knowledge is limited but imagination is not, thus giving birth to evolution.

To start up our imagination we need to ask the right questions:

Let’s begin:

1) Why do some people who get the Covid-19 virus become severely ill while others have mild degrees of flu symptoms?

2) Why do some recover with antimalarials while others improve with Avigan (a Japanese flu medication created in 2014) and yet others may get better with other modalities such as HIV medications or anti-heart burn medications?

3) How did Edward Jenner (the creator of the first vaccine) figure it out in an age when no one knew of viruses, vaccination and even before the discovery of the germ theory of Louis Pasteur, not to mention before any knowledge was available of the immune response mechanism?

4) How does the flu vaccine work and why isn’t it foolproof? We all had the occasions when we, or someone we knew, had been immunized but later on still got ill with the flu.

To answer the 1st question- here are some options:

1) Some people might simply be healthier, they do not have other conditions that weaken their lungs (they do not smoke, do not have asthma or emphysema). Their immunity is not suppressed by chemotherapy (as is the case with cancer or organ transplant patients or even the natural process of pregnancy).

2) The virus might be mutating and we might have a tiny variation of the virus infecting people in different locations; some of the viruses may be more virulent than others. This perhaps is a bit less likely but even if the RNA (the viral code) of the virus is the same, for the most part, is the envelope of the virus and it’s docking sights the same (that is the lipid layer that we use lipid dissolving agents such as Lysol to disinfect or alcohol 70% to dissolve)?

3) The viruses are the same but the body’s immune reaction to it is different. This might be best illustrated through the following: we all may be exposed to strep throat but in some, a strep or staph infection may result in the appearance of psoriasis. In some, the new formed psoriasis may clear with antibiotics once the bacteria is cleared without return and in others their psoriasis will take on a chronic course.

4) The more likely scenario, I believe, is that early exposure to a larger or smaller amount of the virions (single viruses) will decide the disease course and potential outcome. When your airway is invaded by one or two virions, the body has sufficient time to develop an immune response (IgG in the blood and IgA in the nasal, oral and lung mucosa). It then simply clears the virus out of your body with the help of T-cells (cell mediated immunity,) specifically cytotoxic T-cells, that are honing in and recruited to attach to the marked viruses (the IgG & IgA serve as markers on the virus envelope to identify them as foreign and as imposters that are trying to mimic our own cells- that’s how the virions get into our cells to begin with and use our own factories to make more of their own copies).

5) Most likely the truth lies in numbers 1 & 4 and perhaps also, to a lesser degree, with 2 & 3.

The answer to the 2nd question:

Probably the answer is the same as to Q#1. Although I am curious as to your imaginational/creative responses, you do not need to be a doctor to imagine and find the solution. The self taught, impoverished boy from India, Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887 – 1920) who suffered from poor health, shocked the mathematical world by solving many of the theories the best professors of the time could not solve.

The 3rd question: How did Edward Jenner do it?

As the best detective Sherlock Holmes would have replied to his sidekick doctor and author: “It’s elementary my dear Watson.” Dr. Jenner simply noticed that the milkmaids (women who milk cows) were immune to smallpox. He observed the scars on their hands and postulated the cowpox (a viral skin infection) protected them from smallpox. He then tried it on a child. Today his behavior would have been considered malpractice as it jeopardized a human life without prior testing or consent, yet in 2002 he was named one of the top 100 greatest Britons.

So, can we use his method? Well, we are about a year away from a Covid-19 vaccine. And if a vaccine will be available, will people actually take it or will they refuse it as they refuse many vaccines, even the smallpox vaccine?

Perhaps the method that was used before to inoculate Edward Jenner to smallpox is one that could be introduced earlier on, as was practiced in Constantinople and brought to England by Lady Mary Montagu. Perhaps we can introduce people to a single virion and right away give them Avigan. We could do it to each family one at a time while they are quarantined.

The 4th question: Why does the flu vaccine not work for everyone?

Perhaps the reason is the mutations we spoke about when answering Q#1.

Perhaps people’s immunity is a bit low due to being sick or immunocompromised or being exposed to too many virions causing their immune system to be overwhelmed. Or perhaps their immune system overreacts, leading to a more aggressive inflammatory response and thus higher fever and malaise.

How does this help us? Asking questions perhaps isn’t the answer but it is the beginning of the solution.

A therapeutic method, I believe, will help all patients and likely save their lives is using immunoglobulin therapy. If IgG and IgA (immunoglobulin G and A) are, as we discussed above, the method by which our body fights the flu, it should be a method we should consider in the treatment of the Covid-19 flu virus treatment. This therapy is available through IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin G) or SubQIgG (subcutaneous immunoglobulin G). The dose should be 1gm/kg/d for 3 days as treatment, in my opinion, however the final dosage will have to be carefully evaluated. This therapy is extremely safe and has been used in all ages and comorbidities.

If, on the other hand, the therapy was delayed and lung fibrosis (scarring) has already set in, one could use hyperbaric oxygen to reverse it, as has been used in many cases of emphysema through stem cell fibroblast regeneration.

While I have passed the information to some doctors, bureaucracy sometimes stands in the path of progress. I pray it will not this time.? please help by adding your suggestions or questions and thoughts here.

If any of your family memebers or friends are getting therapy and not responding please suggest IVIG and hyperbaric oxygen to their doctors. Hope it helps.?