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Harry Truman

Feb 23, 2019

This article dedicated to a genuinely True Man- the 33 president- Harry Truman, 1884-1972. President from 1945 (when FDR died and he was VP) till 1953. In 1956 when he toured England, after his presidency,...

This article dedicated to a genuinely True Man- the 33 president- Harry Truman, 1884-1972. President from 1945 (when FDR died and he was VP) till 1953. In 1956 when he toured England, after his presidency, the London Daily Telegraph characterized Truman as the “living and kicking symbol of everything that everybody likes best about the united states.”

A man of principals and loyalty not afraid to take responsibility and deal with the consequences he is one of my heroes:

-instituted the Marshal Plan- rebuilding western economies after the war.

  • oversaw the formation of NATO.
  • Was the only world leader to use the nuclear weapon.
  • Oversaw the Berlin Airlift- allowing to save western Germany from Russian control and starvation (the first Cold War crisis)
  • Saved South Korea from becoming Communist when North Korea with China’s and Russia’s support invaded South Korea in 6/25/1950 that continued till 1953 with Russian pilots flying for North Korea and Chinese army fighting for North Korea changing again the balance of power, theoretically the war still rages on as no peace was ever signed.
  • He wanted to join the army but he was refused due to poor eyesight (without glasses he was considered legally blind). Did he give up? No, he memorized the eye chart and passed, becoming a corporal in the artillery regiment. During the war in France he was unpopular as he got the worst regiment to command with bad discipline and he succeeded to discipline them and when they began running away one time, when the Germans attacked at night, he succeeded with his profanity to halt their retreat making them stay and fight a story that has become a legend in the army.
  • While watching one day with his binoculars he saw the Germans prepare an artillery battery across the river. His orders were to shoot only in front of the division he was supposed to protect but seeing the threat to another division he waited for the men and horses to move away so they will not be able to relocate and ordered his men to destroy the battery. He succeeded thus saving the 28th regiment. He was threatened for it with court Marshall and was demoted but the court Marshall never took place. He was honorably discharged from the Army but later rose to a rank of colonel in 1932.
  • In 1919 he opened a store with a friend Eddie Jakobson (a nonreligious Jew whom he loved and trusted) and despite initial success, it went under during the depression and their friendship and advice on Zionism helped lead Truman to recognize Israel in 1948.
  • In 1940 he headed a commission that investigated waste in the preparation for war supposedly saving 15billion dollars for the country and getting his face on the cover of Time magazine.
  • When a disgraced politician who helped him reach his political carrier died he went despite the bad rumors and the potential negative repercussions on his career explaining that he was always his friend.
  • When he played the piano for soldiers with the beautiful Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall sitting atop the piano he could care less. When he was called to replace FDR his concern was for Eleanor and she replied no it me it is You who needs the help now. But he did very well! On 5/8/1945 (his birthday) the Sherman’s surrendered to the allies and he anointed it as the victory in Europe day!
  • When his Secretary of State Marshal told him not to support Israel and so did his defense Secretary pointing to the importance of Saudi Arabia’s oil Truman answered he would decide his policy based on Justice, not oil!
  • To counter Russia’s Atomic testing he detonated America’s Hydrogen bomb in 1953.
  • Truman said the Russian spy scare is blown out of proportion but McCarthy used it to get elected with 78%percent of Americans believing the government had been infiltrated by Russian spies.
  • he made many laws for civil rights and prohibited discrimination based on race or color which infuriated many southern democrats. He was enraged hearing that African Americans who fought in WW2 were brought back home, to the south, dumped from the trucks and beaten. He said his stomach turned thinking of it. He was not only a great dad to his countryman but also to his daughter. When the Washington Post bad mouthed the singing performance of his daughter he called the reviewer out and said he’d break his nose and give him bruises around his eyes.

And to think that this politician chose this line of work for the purpose of having job security as a family man!

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Thank you for joining me on my run of discovery. See you soon.