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Eyelid Surgery: A Minor Procedure with Major Results

Feb 05, 2024

Eyelid Surgery: A Minor Procedure with Major Results

For a hassle-free path to a youthful look, explore why eyelid surgery is the ultimate minor procedure with major transformative results in our latest blog.

Are you looking for a transformative change without undergoing a major procedure? Enter eyelid surgery! Also known as blepharoplasty, this popular solution not only gives you that youthful look you’ve been searching for but it can improve your eyesight as well. 

Fortunately, Dr. Eyal Levit and our dedicated team at Levit Dermatology in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York, offer eyelid surgery as an effective way to rejuvenate your appearance, leaving you looking and feeling better than ever. 

In this blog, we’ll help you understand how eyelid surgery works and offer insights into some of the incredible benefits you can expect from this transformative procedure. 

The benefits of eyelid surgery

In the pursuit of a more youthful look, sometimes, it’s the smallest adjustments that can make the most obvious difference. Consider the following major benefits of eyelid surgery before deciding if it’s right for you: 

A youthful transformation

One of the most appealing benefits of eyelid surgery is that it addresses puffiness and under-eye bags, which can make you look younger and more refreshed. Another rejuvenating perk of this procedure is that it can improve the look of heavy or droopy lids by removing excess skin. 

Improved vision and comfort

You might be surprised to learn that eyelid surgery can even improve your field of vision. It achieves this by removing the excess skin of sagging upper eyelids that can obstruct your vision. Additionally, removing excess skin also reduces strain on your eyes and relieves your discomfort.

Natural results 

What makes eyelid surgery unique is its ability to make a drastic change and improve your overall look with just a minor procedure. One simple procedure is a small price to pay for a lifetime of confidence. 

What to expect during eyelid surgery 

Now that you’ve explored the many benefits of eyelid surgery, we’ll walk you through what to expect during the procedure. From your initial consultation to creating your treatment plan, here’s what you can prepare for: 

Consultation and customization

Your journey begins by booking your consultation with Dr. Levit who assesses your unique needs and determines the most effective approach for your desired look. Eyelid surgery is highly customizable, with each step created to follow your personalized plan for your individual anatomy. 

The procedure

Eyelid surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia with sedation for your utmost comfort. Dr. Levit makes strategic minuscule incisions to remove excess skin to achieve your result, finishing off by closing your incisions carefully with fine sutures to avoid scarring. 

Recovery and results 

Immediately after your procedure, you might notice some swelling and bruising. Don’t panic, this is completely normal and gradually subsides over the first week. As your healing progresses, you’ll start to see your final results settle in.

Ultimately, no matter how minor the procedure may be, eyelid surgery has the power to redefine your look and your confidence. Whether you’re seeking relief from visual obstruction or just craving a more youthful appearance, this advanced treatment option is as versatile as it is effective. 

If you’re ready to learn more about eyelid surgery, contact Levit Dermatology to book your first appointment with Dr. Levit. We’ll determine if this is the right solution for you and create a personalized treatment plan. 

Wishing you all health and beauty. Be good, do good, and may good come to you. At Levit Dermatology, we believe that health and beauty is our duty.